Troiacruze is perhaps the first private company which has been dedicated and concentrating efforts in preserving our maritime heritage. Founded in 1989, we are co-founders of APPM Portuguese Maritime Heritage Association, which is EMH (European Maritime Heritage Association associate membership.

We restored two Salt Galleons, “Riquitum” and “Pego do Altar”. These galleons are Environmental Friends, were built in 1943 and are using as means of main propulsion wind. Pego do Altar sails are synthetic fibre made from recycled plastic bottles raw material.


Then EEC dedicated legislation “finished” with our supplier, “delivering” recycled oil row material (100%) to big oil companies. To restore, preserve, and give sustainability to our maritime heritage, Troiacruze focus on touristic activities.

We can also say that Troiacruze suggestions are always customized and can be changed on all items in order to achieve 100% cruise customer expectations. We usually send 5 and 3 hours cruises suggestions. Programme, buffet, scheduling, etc., all can be adjusted at group convenience. Radical cruises are also available such as Sunrise, Sado Moonlight and Yoga.


Our Crew

João Barbas

Nautical and sailing lover´s  •  Coastal Skipper by RYA (Royal Yacht Association)  •  Electronic Engineer

Maria Eugénia

Strategic planning.

Nadiya Vlasova

Sailor trained at Troiacruze School

Oleg Tomashevskiy

Sailor trained at Troiacruze School

Aleksandr Vlasov

Coastal Skipper  •  Industrial Engineer