Recommendation from the EMH congress in Seixal
September 23-24, 2010

The attendance in Seixal was greater than at earlier congresses and we had representatives from 20 countries.

The theme of the congress was:
Are we able to hand over our maritime heritage to future generations?

In order to achieve this EMH should for the coming years give priority to:

  • Encourage all initiatives to include young people „to get onboard“ and to learn the history, the intangibles and skills of our maritime heritage.
  • Stimulate the exchange of best practices between the EMH membership in general and of how young people are engaged especially.
  • To sell ourselves better to „political Europe“ and the general public and in particular to young people.
  • To gain better recognition of the value added by our maritime heritage activities to environment, economy and education and obtain a larger economic share.
  • Change the mindset of regulators so that safety, of course must be given priority, but safety can be obtained in different ways. Important is that the maritime heritage can be maintained and not threatened.
  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding of the various interpretations and classifications of our maritime fleet and promote the discussion between our members without specifiying a definite EMH wording.
  • Make sure that the traditional fleet is included in the minds of UNESCO, EU policy makers and IMO.
    Include the traditional fleet in DG MARE’s European Atlas of the Seas.

Seixal, September 24, 2010